Jim Picariello

Jim Picariello believes he should write about himself in the third-person. You are reading him do that.

Jim lives in Brooksville, Maine with his wife Jill Day and his two girls, Lucena and Isla.

Jim is currently a screenwriter and filmmaker, and continues to demonstrate his near-genius decision making skills by trying to do so from rural, coastal Maine.

His screenplay dark romantic-comedy screenplay, The Cult of Us, was a 2015 Nicholl Fellowship quarter-finalist (top 5%), a 2013 Austin Film Festival Second Rounder, and alum of the Stowe Screenwriter’s Lab.

Jim’s comedic, family-friendly short film, This Time It’s Shopping, won the 2016 Providence Children’s Film Festival, (along with 4 other wins) for shorts, and had been selected to play at 18 film festivals.

He created a short film for HBO’s Sesame Street about the number 6 at a birthday party (Episode can be seen here, on HBO, at minute 18:50)

Most recently, Jim completed a short film he recently wrote, directed, and acted in called Passive Aggressive Dads.

Jim has been a Socially-Conscious Web Entrepreneur, run a quaint food Co-op, founded Wise Acre – a widely distributed all-natural frozen dessert company (which was wildly successful until it was a total failure), and an Instructional Designer at a local maritime college.

Feel free to get in touch: jimpicariello@gmail.com

Read about Jim, his film news, and some of his writing at JimPicariello.com